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  • What are the benefits of purchasing from Appliances 4 Less Tampa?
    All of our appliances are tested thoroughly before leaving our store and come with 1 year free warranty. We sell up to 4 years of warranty as well. We offer Financing, Delivery, and Installation as well!
  • Can I get a lower price depending on the damage?
    We specialize in Scratch & Dent Appliances, so once we receive an appliance, we thoroughly test and evaluate the appliance. We take all the damage into account when we price our appliances, so we do not negotiate on prices.
  • What is a Scratch & Dent Appliance?
    Scratch & Dent Appliances are appliances that either leaving the factory, or out for customer delivery, acquired a scratch or dent on the exterior. When this happens, the item(s) are sent to us, where we evaluate the cosmetic defect and discount them accordingly. The appliances are in perfect working condition, and are sometimes marked down to even 50% off the normal price.
  • Do you have Delivery?
    We offer delivery up to 40 Miles, Although after 20 miles, there is a $2 per mile charge.
  • Do you have financing?
    We have in-house financing through 3rd party companies that do not require credit checks. You simply fill out a quick form on your phone that only takes a couple of minutes, and wait to receive approval. The whole process is very fast and only takes a couple of minutes.
  • What about installation
    Along with delivery, we also have installation services through our 3rd party delivery company. For installation their is an installation fee and requires the use of new equipment during installation such as dryer hoses, water lines, etc.
  • Warranty
    We offer 1 year free warranty with all appliances purchased through us. This is through our 3rd party company CPS and is able to be extended up to 4 years.
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